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Iconic brand installation for tomorrow's industry leaders.

For you to dominate your industry, you need preeminent brand recognition. DayBreak Design works with your startup to supercharge your website, product, marketing, and sales funnel into your ultimate competitive advantage.

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Market cap of DayBreak Design companies.


VC funding of DayBreak Design companies.

5 rounds

Amount of VC funding rounds DayBreak Design has helped guid companies through.

20+ awards

Number of design awards DayBreak has won for companies.

Insider knowledge, experience, and empathy.

We only work with startups.

Our passion is teaming up with revolutionary entrepreneurs on the ground floor of what they’re building. This is where DayBreak Design can provide the greatest value.

Having worked on countless startups – both in-house and as an agency – there isn’t a scenario we haven’t faced and solved. As a young startup, why wouldn't you want the answers from the back of the book?

prominence is a zero-sum game.

We only take one company per industry.

Limiting ourselves to one company per industry ensures we’re not canibalizing your own success. We prioritize your installation, and we’re aggressive with our attention and focus. You’re either number one in your field, or you’re not. We ensure that you are.

Built frome the ground up.

Your installation is bespoke to your unique company.

We work to thoroughly understand your company, your competitors, and your ideal market fit. Once we fundamentally know what sets you apart, we double-down and build your brand from the inside-out. The end result – from your website to your product to your sales' assets – is something so bespoke that it can only fit you and your future trajectory.

Either the suit fits you, or you fit the suit.

uncompromised execution.

Because you need a homerun, everytime.

We show up for each and every project. We ensure every pixel we place for your company is scrutinized and deliberate. Your point of contact will always be the world-class designer currently tasked with building out your solution – not some uninvested “Marketing” person playing a game of telephone between you and the designer. Our clients deserve only the very best, and that’s what we bring them.

Why I started DayBreak Design

As a national-level competitive bodybuilder and award-winning designer, I thrive on the intersection of strategy, creativity, and execution.
Upon graduating art school MICA in 2016, I started my design career with the NFL’s San Fransisco 49ers. In 2018, I left Silicon Valley and moved to Austin, TX – joining tech startup Coder pre-seed as Founding Designer. In 2020, I helped Coder raise a $200m Series B evaluation.
In 2021, I realized the impact I could have on the entire startup ecosystem. I founded design studio DayBreak Design. In our first year, we’ve won 20+ design awards and helped our companies raise 30m in VC funding.
I also serve as an investor and Board Advisor for tech startups GlareDB and Steadily.
Sean Smith, Founder
Clint read my mind. GlareDB’s uniqueness and stellar quality leaves a lasting impression on visitors.